So the Dish Network guy was out at the new place today to install the satellite dish and the HD receiver.

Remember that we've already, for reasons of cost vs. value, eliminated two of the three receivers we had planned to install.

When they cabled the house, they ran coax up to the top of the highest south-facing wall, because that maximizes our ability to get signal from a satellite that's fairly low on the horizon.

Anyway, I get a call this afternoon, because the Dish guy is out there, but he can't install the dish there because his insurance won't allow him to walk on my roof, and he can't reach the cables from his ladder. Of course, he doesn't explain it quite as succinctly as that right off; first he tells me it can't be done, period. Then, after a few questions, he says he can't do it because his cleats might poke holes in my roof. So I ask the clarifying question, "So you can't do this because of your shoes?" and then the discussion of insurance comes out. He thinks he can get good signal from the deck, but if he installs it there' it will be on a big, conspicuous pole which will interfere with the view. I decide that a deck installation isn't OK, and say so. Meanwhile, the cables are just hanging there.

The Dish guy would like, at this point, to go away and reschedule the installation for after I've either fixed the problem or resigned myself to having a big ugly pole and dish in my Olympic Mountains view for the next fifty years.

I have a countersuggestion, involving a visit to Toys'R'Us and purchase of one of those plastic extensible robot gripping arms, but I decide it wouldn't be taken as helpful, and besides, it's not this guy's fault that his insurance and liability rules are too constraining for my convenience. I have a second countersuggestion, involving calling the whole thing off and investigating the TV resources available on the Internet, but the DSL is only 1.5 megabits at best. So I go with Plan C:

"You know, there's a whole crew of guys out there still building the house. Can you ask one of them to give you a hand with pulling the cables over to where you can reach 'em?" (Since this is what I would already be doing if I were there and not 85 miles away at work.)

"Oh, the insurance won't let anybody else use my ladder."

"Um, they're building a house. They have their own ladders." I mean, he seems like a nice guy, and it genuinely seems like his only objections to any of this is what his insurance allows or does not allow him to do, but the solution to the problem strikes me as trivially obvious, given the situation at hand.

"Oh, OK. I'll ask somebody, and get back to you in a few minutes."

A few minutes go by, and the phone rings again. It's the Dish guy, calling to let me know that the house crew was more than happy to give him a hand, and to ask me whether it was OK if he installed the dish on top of the roof instead of on the side of the house.

I tell him whichever is easiest for him.

Half an hour later, I get another call, this time from the home theater guy, but all he wants to know is where exactly I want him to install the pool room TV. He makes a suggestion, and I tell him that sounds fine to me.

Ah, home ownership. :b
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Good lord. I'm glad I instantly referred him to you when he called me, before he even got the whole question out.

The pool room TV goes next to the wet bar, doesn't it?