The problem: Doc says I'm insulin-resistant. With my dad having recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, this is a concern. Also, I am carrying around some belly fat which in the first place contributes to (causes?) the insulin resistance and in the second place makes me less sexy. Not that I'm not still outstandingly sexy, but more is better, right?

The solution: Get more active, burn off the belly fat. Nominally, drop 15 pounds, but I'll be just as happy (or even happier) if I can instead convert most or all of that weight from fat to lean muscle.

The program: Rock climbing 2x/week, elliptical at home 1-2x/weekend, brisk walks at work 1-2x/week. Ideally, get up and active at least 5x/week. Be smarter about snacks and soda.

The starting point: 198.5 lbs. on 1/22/11 (I am 5'10-1/2", if you, like my doctor, think BMI is a useful measure of health).

The progress:
Rock climbing: This is going well. My belay partner has recruited his wife and a friend, so now we have a climbing group, so even when one or two people can't make it, so far somebody has shown up. I'm choosing routes that I know I have trouble with, so I'm getting a nice solid workout each night.

Elliptical at home: Also going well, because M. is highly motivated to get me to exercise with her, and all I have to do is say, "sure!" instead of, "meh." when she suggests it. Will go better when we're finally finished with the old house, because that's still sucking up a lot of our weekend time.

Snacks/soda: Has not been too difficult. I was trying to keep the sodas down to 2-3 a week already, so dropping to 1-2 is not much of a hardship. More Crystal Light, less Powerade. For snacks, I'm thinking harder before I grab something--am I really hungry, or am I just bored?--and I'm trying to pick stuff that's more protein-y and less carb-and-sugar-intensive. Also checking calorie counts on the snacks and choosing lighter options (though I'm not worrying about calories for my actual meals--M. keeps us pretty much on the straight-and-narrow there already). Should probably think harder about my beer consumption--with the rock climbing (and commensurate dinners with the group at the pub), I'm up to 2-4 heavy beers a week, where my old rate was 0-1.

Walking at work: Not so much. Work is busy time with a lot of high-pri interruptions. I actually got out of my chair today and started out, but I had put off lunch for an extra hour because of interruptions, so I had to come right back and fix my blood sugar crash.

Weight as of 1/27: 198.0, which since my scale has a resolution of .5 lbs. constitutes no actual information at all. Woot.

Looking at the above, it is clear that things I do in company (and thus have someone I'll be letting down), or which require me to either stop doing something or slightly alter how I do something, are not a problem. New routines I have to do on my own, on the other hand, are not working for me. For the most part, this is a short-term problem, because on May 12, I'm out of work, and I'll have to build a whole new daily/weekly routine from scratch (and it'll be summer, so getting on the bicycle will be easy).

So, anybody want to get together on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a walk around downtown Bellevue? :)