What is your favorite interview question*? Could be one you love to ask candidates, could be one you've been asked yourself.

I'm particularly interested in the real curve balls, the questions that stop the candidate short and make them think.

For funsies (did I really just type "funsies"?), I will answer your questions**, provided I see the relevance. If I don't see the relevance, I will ask you about it until I get it, and then answer it.

Because Facebook does not support message threading, please respond here if possible. Anonymous comments are enabled, but if you do post anonymously, I ask (but do not require) that you identify yourself in your comment.

Feel free to comment on other people's questions as well.

Thanks much!

* Mine is the one in the subject line. Coke machines are ubiquitous enough that I don't have to argue back and forth about the spec, they're simple enough in concept that the test planning isn't too daunting, and there's enough discoverable complexity that this one question can keep a good candidate busy for pretty much the whole hour. I learn a lot about a potential tester from how they approach the Coke machine problem.

** Full disclosure: With hopefully a raft of interviews upcoming, I'm hoping to encounter the difficult questions here where I have a chance to rehearse my response, rather than being blindsided on the day. I call this "due diligence preparation", by the way, not "cheating". :) So feel free to tell me how I did with my answer!
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Hello. Here by way of my network page, it seems that we have [Bad username or unknown identity: disobey_gravity"] in common.

I don't know if you're looking for industry-specific or general-HR questions, but here's one that sparked a healthy debate with my family.

It's 3am, you're cruising around in your high-end convertible, which is a two-seater. You come to a bus stop where you find your best friend, whose life you've savec on several occasions, the love of your life, and an old lady who's going to die if she doesn't get to a hospital in the next thirty minutes. It's the middle of the night, so no buses are running.
What do you do?
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The thing with you taking the lady to the hospital is that you're leaving your best friend and the love of your life together. (Apparently, HR people thinks best friends can be trusted).
The "optimal" solution, according to my little brother who is studying these things because he's searching for a job, would be to give the keys to your best friend so they would drive the old lady, and you would spend the night with the love of your life.
Another solution we came up with included calling an ambulance for the old lady (in part because paramedics would be better equiped to deal with her problems than the car driver, and in part because of litigation problems should she die in the car), and a cab for the best friend.