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( Aug. 18th, 2008 09:31 am)
So I've been counting four hills on my ride to work, because there are four hills on my ride which I have had to push the bike up because I am too much of a wuss to ride all the way.

But it occurred to me this morning as I cranked my way through the International District that the ride up Jackson and King streets from the ferry terminal to 12th Avenue is also a hill, even if it hasn't managed to beat me yet (largely through being the *first* hill I encounter in the morning, and thus the one I hit with maximum energy).

I decided based on this realization that instead of having been 0-for-4 last Monday, I had actually been 1-for-5, and while .200 is still a sad and pathetic batting average, it is still much more palatable than .000, especially this late in the season. And if I could manage to get back today the two hills I managed the week before last, I would be batting .600, and could enter the day feeling like skipping on Thursday had been a good choice.

Imagine my pleasure, then, when I managed to crank up all five of my hills this morning. It hurt, and I got to work quite a bit sweatier than I have on previous days, but I managed it. There were noticeable salutary effects on my time, as well. We'll see how Thursday goes, whether this was a result of the extra few days' rest, or of an actual newly increased capacity.

Trip eight.

Dx: 11.24 miles, delta +.04 miles. I think the additional distance is likely from weaving up the hills, rather than taking the straight-up course I do when pushing.

Total elapsed time: 1:12, delta -6 min.

Total time RIDING: 1:04:53, delta -1:31. 7 min stopped, delta -4.

Average speed (excludes time stopped): 10.3 mph, delta +.2 mph.

Max speed: 29 mph, delta -3 mph.

5-for-5 on the hills today, delta +4.
Actually, I drove to work this morning. I crashed hard last night on the way home from work (physically and mentally, not with the car), and decided this morning that skipping a turn would not hurt me, and might put me in better shape for the ride on Monday. The extra hour of dozing on the boat was not an unattractive prospect either.

Then, when I got to work, I made a discovery that might well explain how I felt yesterday. When I opened my tea drawer, I saw that my Earl Greyer was the next caffeinated item in the queue. "Wait," I thought. "Earl Greyer is my Monday tea." So I checked the decaf queue, and sure enough, the Wednesday tea was still front and center there.

Seems I drank my Thursday morning caffeinated tea yesterday afternoon, instead of my Wednesday afternoon decaf. Which, coupled with the Cherry Coke I had at my meeting at That Other Place, means that I had twice my normal dosage of caffeine yesterday, and much of it between the hours of two and five in the afternoon. So it's no wonder that I felt all evening as if something unpleasant had spilled on my brain.

Aren't these little insights into my psychoses just fascinating?

ETA: Oh, and just so you don't think I'm a complete slave to my OCD, Earl Greyer is now my Thursday tea, proving that I can survive and accommodate disruptions to the routine.
Trip seven. At some point this will become a meaningless statistic, even to me.

Dx: 11.20 miles.

Total elapsed time: 1:18, delta 0.

Total time riding or pushing: 1:06:24, delta +32 sec. 11 min stopped, delta +4.

Average speed (excludes time stopped): 10.1 mph, delta -.1 mph.

Max speed 32.0 mph, delta +3 mph.

I was 0-for-4 on the hills this morning, but I blame poor sleep last night. My brother needed a ride down to the bus stop (I originally typed "bust stop" there, which is a place I would be happy to visit, but probably not with my brother) so I had to get up an extra fifteen minutes early, the knowledge of which was just enough disruption of my routine to keep me from getting much past dozing all night, and thus I kept waking up convinced that I had forgotten to reset my alarm and was going to be late to pick him up or to the boat or both. My brain hates me, or as the boy would put it, "MBHM".

Got a new rack for the back of the CR-V. Previously I'd been throwing the bike in the back, which necessitated removing the boy's car seat so the rear seats could be folded down. The rack, obviously, alleviates that hassle, but I think it costs me an extra minute or so in the morning because I can't preload the bike the night before (the garage door won't close with the bike rack extended, let alone loaded). Also I need to look at one of the screws on the rack; it feels stripped. Probably my fault for overtightening it, but it needs attention in any case.

ETA: My new riding shirt has three pockets in the back, which I cannot reach while sitting stationary in my chair at my desk, let alone while trying to balance on a moving bicycle. And I must have looked a complete tool wearing this "Campagnolo Racing" shirt while pushing the bike up those four hills. :/
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( Aug. 7th, 2008 09:09 am)
Trip six.

Dx: 11.21 miles, delta +.01 miles.

Total elapsed time: 1:13, delta 0.

Total time riding or pushing: 1:05:54, delta +52 sec. 7 minutes not moving, delta -1.

Average speed (excludes time stopped): 10.2 mph, delta -.1 mph.

Max speed 29.0, delta -3 mph. This is not an excessively useful statistic, since pretty much by definition, when I am at max speed, I am doing the least work.

Hills pushed the bike up: 2, delta 0.

Found a better way to clip the bags to the bike, so I think things are going to be more secure going forward. Of course, I won't know for sure until the damn thing falls off again. :/ Goal for this weekend: better protection inside the bag for the laptop.
Fifth trip.

DX: 11.20 miles. Delta +.08 mi. I think I've found my ideal route.

Total elapsed time: 1:13. Delta -2 min.

Total time riding or pushing: 1:05:02. Delta -2:15. 8 minutes not moving, delta 0.

Average speed (excludes time stopped): 10.3 mph*. Delta +.4 mph

Max speed 32.0 mph. Delta -.5 mph, but I didn't push as hard down the big hill.

Hills pedaled up for the first time: 2. Hills still pushing the bike up: 2.

*If you'll recall, breaking 10 mph was a goal for me. Next step, no pushing and/or getting the total time elapsed under an hour. Oh, and keeping the average over ten, obviously.

ETA: On the down side, one of my saddlebags fell off the bike as I was riding along Bellevue Way, and now my laptop screen has several cracks across it. It still seems to work, though (except for the touch-screen functionality, which I didn't use all that much), and given that a new screen looks to cost about $1900--which is only a couple hundred bucks less than I paid for the whole damn laptop--I think I'll be living with it.
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( Jul. 31st, 2008 09:00 am)
Dx: 11.12 miles. Delta -.56 miles

Total elapsed time: 1:15. Delta ~0.

Total time spent riding or pushing: 1:07:17. Delta: -2:53. 8 minutes not moving at all, delta +4 minutes.

Average speed (excludes time stopped): 9.9 mph. Delta +.2 mph.

Max speed 32.5 mph. Delta +3 mph. Go me.

Less pain this morning, and I had a breakfast sandwich on the boat, so I'm not particularly hungry.

Goals to achieve before the boy's school schedule makes me stop riding for the winter:
1) No pushing.
2) Average speed > 10 mph.
3) Total time elapsed <= 1 hour.

Off to my meeting in Redmond, now. (I'm taking the bus, by the way.)

ETA: Goals for next summer:
1) Round Trip. I expect I'll continue to bus the return trip, work-to-ferry, for the rest of this summer.
2) Start earlier in the year. That's more a plan than a goal, actually.
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( Jul. 28th, 2008 09:15 am)
Got to track it somewhere, might as well track it here, where it can server double duty by fising for compliments and/or sympathy. :)

Distance: 11.68 miles--tried out a couple of different paths to reduce the pain of getting across Mercer Island. Some worked, some didn't, but I managed to eliminate two hills I'd previously had to push the bike up, and I won't make the wrong turns next time. Delta +.51 miles

Total elapsed time: 1:15. Delta -5 min. Particularly nice given that the total distance actually went up.

Total time spent riding (or pushing): 1:11:10. Delta +9 seconds. Which means I spent 4 minutes not moving at all; a number I can plausibly mostly chalk up to waiting for traffic. (Delta on "not moving" time is something like -10 minutes.)

Average speed: 9.7 mph. Delta +.4 mph

Max speed: 29.5. Delta +3 mph.

I hurt, but it's a good pain, and not in the John Cougar Mellencamp "I have psychological issues" hurts-so-good way. And is going away thanks to application of ibuprofen. :)

ETA: Also, I am hungry. I don't get hungry.
Got my bike computer working and reset, so I have some actual stats now:

Distance: 11.17 miles--less than I thought, but still not to be sneezed at, at least for my level of fitness.

Time spent riding: 1:11:01--it turns out that it doesn't count the time I spent standing around, gasping for breath and drinking water.

Total elapsed time: ~1:25, maybe 1:20. Anyway, I got here about five minutes earlier today than I did on Monday, partly because I didn't get confused about the route as much, partly because I mostly lived in slightly higher gears this time and walked the bike a little less. Yay me.

Average speed: 9.3 mph--again, the computer doesn't count the time spent at 0.0 mph against the average.

Max speed: 26.5 mph--there are some *steep* hills along the way, which is why I did still have to push the bike some.

Odometer: 70.6 miles--which means that nearly a third of the miles that I've put on this bike since I bought it (three? four? five?) years ago have gone on it this week.

I feel surprisingly good, and better than Monday at this time.
...on the occasion of riding my bicycle (part of the way) to work:

Alternate title: "What Do the Feeble Folk Do? (To Get to Work)"

Am I sure I typed that right? )