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( Jun. 3rd, 2011 04:37 pm)
Schedules, illness, vacation, and postop recovery all finally failed to prevent me from a real climbing session yesterday. Woot.

I started right where I left off in late April, too, with a bunch of 5.9s and an a-l-m-o-s-t 5.10- (I managed to touch the top hold, but couldn't get a grip on it to finish the pitch; I suspect I will nail the hell out of it next time). Double woot.

Most of the rest of the climbing group had other commitments, so it was just me and L., who doesn't do much climbing on the ropes, which means no breaks between pitches for me, which means an awesomely exhausting workout and a lingering guilt that I'm taking base advantage of her good nature. (Not having a particularly good nature myself, I am unsure of the protocol for taking advantage of same.) Anyway, I knew it was a good workout because I tried to finish by climbing a short 5.6 pitch, and failed to get even halfway up. These were huge, friendly holds, that even a complete newbie should have no trouble with, and I couldn't grip them. Good thing I keep Aleve in the car, or I mightn't've managed to drive home.

So to L., thanks again, and to the rest of the climbing group, pooh to you, sirs. ;)
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 11:51 am)
The strained muscle in my chest did not affect my climbing at all. Yay.

However, the spotty schedule and frequent missed sessions the last few weeks did affect my climbing, and not for the better. Before the flu, I was pretty consistent on the 5.9s, and starting to think about trying a 5.10- or two. Last night, I didn't feel up to anything tougher than a 5.8, and I may have snuck a 5.7 or two in there.

Looks good for Thursday, though, so maybe I can get both sessions in this week and next, just in time to take three weeks off after my surgery* on the 18th. :/

*To remove more skin around the pre-melanoma mole they removed in February, to make sure they got all of it.
Missed climbing on Monday because everyone else in the group couldn't make it for various reasons, and I am incapable of approaching strangers and asking them if they'd like to tie me up. Which is dumb, because one member of our climbing group is a guy who did just that to us when he was at the gym alone, and apart from his appalling ignorance of popular '80s music*, he's been a great addition.

But Thursday, there were three of us on the walls and it was good. I'm still not back to form from missing so much time from the flu and its aftermath, and my skills and stamina were both oddly spotty. The latter probably because of the former; when I was finding holds easily and balancing well, my stamina was fine, but when I was taking bad routes and swinging back and forth like England**, I just didn't have what it took to finish the pitch.

I managed to finish one 5.9, and a couple 5.8s, but the 5.7 I finished on, I got to the penultimate hold and it was big and chunky and everything you could have wanted, but my left hand just would not close on it, so I could not lift up to the target hold just a foot or two higher.

On the other hand, even though my competitive brain wants to finish every pitch, and move on to the next, tougher one, my rational brain (such as it is) knows that a night when I get most of the way up the wall and fail is a better workout than if everything's coming easy and flowing well.

*Technically, not his fault. Sid was in the ground three years before he was even born. (He at least knows who Sid was, so give him that.)

**I will give you this one, since it dates back to '65, well before even my time.
Roger Miller, "England Swings":
England swings like a pendulum do
Bobbies on bicycles, two by two
Westminster Abbey, the Tower, Big Ben
The rosy red cheeks of the little children
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( Feb. 8th, 2011 10:00 am)
Climbing has been very good recently. With the new year, we increased to going twice a week, and [personal profile] kickaha has brought in two more people, so now we have a group instead of a duo, which means that even when somebody can't make it, the rest of us can still go. As I am fairly dependent on getting into and maintaining a routine, this has been huge for me.

In the last couple of weeks, [personal profile] kickaha and I have moved up to mostly climb the 5.9 pitches. We can't climb 'em all yet, but we're getting there, and the more difficult pitches give me a much better workout. And when there is a significant reverse slope, I'm still sticking to the 5.8s--my feet aren't as helpful in holding me against the wall under an overhang, and my grip is not yet developed to the point where I'm comfortable supporting my full weight on the smaller handholds of a 5.9. Soon, though, I think.

Hoping to try a 5.10- by the end of the month. That feels like a stretch goal right now, though.