...of what has been delivered to the house in the past week*:
Interior doors
Millwork for same, and for windows
Cabinetry, window seats, and built-in bookshelves
Wood-fired pizza oven
Five 1-kg bags of pizza flour (!)
Standard light fixtures**

So now, instead of a bunch of big, empty spaces, we have a bunch of big spaces piled high with stuff that desperately needs to be installed.

Packing continues apace; we're starting to have to make decisions about which things we might need in the next two months and thus should not be packed yet.

*Not where you thought I was going, is it?

**The fancier ones are waiting until we're closer to done; no sense hanging big, expensive lamps from the ceiling while folks are still moving masses of big, unwieldy lumber around. But the can lights don't stick out of the ceiling, so anything that damages them is going to poke a big hole in the ceiling as well, and presumably the guys working in there are adroit enough to avoid that.