georgmi: Camping on Shi Shi Beach, WA (Default)
( Mar. 10th, 2008 12:18 pm)
Why is the week after a DST change *not* a Federal holiday?

My users are all, seemingly, having problems with basic basic stuff. Some of which isn't even their fault, like the guy who can't connect to a public share (which is configured, just for him, to allow full control to anybody) from his client without authenticating, even though everything works just fine for other clients.

Anyway, I have barely had a chance to sit in my chair for ten minutes straight yet today, and I have two presentations due for review by EOD, as well as new virtual machines to build with the RTM version of Windows 2008 Server, a doc to put together for my Red Hat users on enabling and using remote desktop access on their systems, and I really wanted to install MySQL somewhere and start working on a little database app I've had in mind for a couple of years.

And, thanks to Daylight Saving Time and my fricking insomnia, my brain is mush and I'm spending all my desk time on LJ instead of making progress on the desk-oriented items on my todo list. Not that I'm getting much desk time--see previous paragraph.

Oh, well. It does not require brains to put together a PowerPoint presentation. PMs at That Place Where I Used To Work are proof enough of that.